WA Labor leader supports euthanasia in lead up to the polls

Yesterday  we reported how a WA independent MP has flagged her intention to bring on a euthanasia debate if she is re-elected. Pundits say that Adele Carles MP has little chance of retaining her seat. 

But if you thought that this created room for a collective sigh of relief, think again.

An ABC News report this morning says that Opposition Labor Leader, Mark McGowan supports euthanasia 'for the terminally ill' and would provide a conscience vote for his party's MPs and, absent anyone else proposing a bill, would likely do so himself.

As one observer said, McGowan must think that this issue is a vote winner. True, there was a survey conducted recently that suggested that some voters do rate this issue very highly. But it's just as possible that such a declaration could turn people against an MP or party.

What we can be certain about is that there will be a new bill after the dust settles in March.