'Yellow Bibs' protest in Belgium - 'Red Card Send off' for the Belgian Government

The self-identified non-political and non-religious group,  Dossard Jaunes or 'Yellow Bibs' staged yet another protest against the moves to amend the Belgian euthanasia laws to include minors and those with dementia.
Using the symbols of a soccer referee, they gave a 'Red Card' to the government (Foul committed - automatic 'send off').
This Google translation from the Dossard Jaunes website:
400 ' Yellow Bibs ' call for better monitoring of the legislation on euthanasia
Belga Published Sunday, February 2, 2014 
For the protesters, the composition of the Commission should be amended and the extension of the law should be discussed in the next legislature.
400 of the group of " Yellow Bibs " protested Sunday afternoon outside the headquarters of the Federal Commission for monitoring and evaluation of euthanasia in Brussels. The ' Yellow Bib 'plead for better enforcement of legislation on euthanasia and oppose bill to allow minors to use euthanasia. 
"This bill is completely unnecessary because it provides a so-called solution to a nonexistent problem," said Drieu Godefridi spokesman of Yellow bibs . "Tens of pediatricians reported that they have never been faced with a request for euthanasia from a minor. The bill was also supported undemocratic manner by a small ideological minority. No party had put this measure on the table before the election and no real public debate has taken place . This is unacceptable , "said the representative of the organization.
The Red Card 'send off' to the Commission


The group therefore demanded a stricter law on euthanasia to control rather than enlargement of the legislation. " Of the 6,000 applications (note: reports of euthanasia submitted after the event to the Commission) submitted in ten years, none has been forwarded to the prosecution . This shows that the Control Board does not control anything. The presence of supporters of euthanasia in it is not a stranger."