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HOPE is a coalition of groups and individuals who oppose the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide and support measures that will make euthanasia and assisted suicide unthinkable. 


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    Women uniquely at risk for assisted suicide

    Advocates for assisted suicide continually cite the importance of individuals having a “choice” to end their lives, but they often overlook the fact that end-of-life decisions are not made in a vacuum. Though there are influences that effect all individuals faced with end-of-life decisions, research is showing that women are especially susceptible to assisted suicide due to multiple factors, otherwise known as “gendered risks.”
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    GP on Assisted Suicide Debate: 'We Have Not Been Fully Engaged'

    Despite the fact that the medical community plays an intrinsic part in the administration of end-of-life measures, Victorian politicians have failed to involve them in the debate on the Voluntary Assisted Suicide Bill. There is a callous assumption that physicians will automatically perform such procedures if legalised.
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HOPE is a single issue group. We recognise that there are many issues that our supporters may be interested in, but we focus solely on euthanasia & assisted suicide. We welcome anyone who stands with us on this issue. Learn more about us!

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