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HOPE is a coalition of groups and individuals who oppose the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide and support measures that will make euthanasia and assisted suicide unthinkable. 



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    Euthanasia advocate backs convicted husband

    Euthanasia advocates have shown how far they would push euthanasia and assisted suicide laws if legalised in Queensland, giving no weight to financial motivations for helping someone to take their own life.
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    Doctors bringing HOPE to WA

    In encouraging news this week, former Victorian AMA President Dr Stephen Parnis has visited Western Australia ahead of a parliamentary vote on assisted suicide to be held next year. Dr Parnis has been meeting with MPs and doctors in the West to urge them to learn from the experience in Victoria and to provide clarification about some of the misrepresentations being made by pro-death lobby groups.
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HOPE is a single issue group. We recognise that there are many issues that our supporters may be interested in, but we focus solely on euthanasia & assisted suicide. We welcome anyone who stands with us on this issue. Learn more about us!

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