Doctors' Words Influence End-of-Life Decisions Made By Patients' families

This is an important article from  . It highlights how critical the doctor is in shaping and influencing a family's decision in regards to treatment at the end-of-life for a loved one.TIME's 
Whilst the study only looked at the influence a doctor can have on a family int he throes of making a decision whether or not to resuscitate, it does point to the role of the doctor in general terms when dealing with a patient and presenting a patient with his or her options.
A doctor is not and never should be simply a presenter of options and a dispenser of a patient's decisions. He or she has a vital role in assisting a patient to shape their decisions precisely because of their training and experience.
Making the decision to approve heroic measures to save a loved one's life can be fraught with emotion, so anxious family members tend