Alex Schadenberg in Australia - Report

  Alex was brought to Australia to speak primarily at the Melbourne Life Coalition Annual Dinner. Alex later remarked on how pleasing it is to see disparate groups coming together and working together on various issues. 
Alex then moved to Adelaide for a dinner for supporters. This gave HOPE the opportunity to work with Alex over successive days in Adelaide and then on to Hobart.
Both in Adelaide and Hobart Alex met with supporters and fellow travellers on the issue of Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide including the experts featured on the RealDignityTasmania website and a number of medial people from the growing group, Doctors Opposed to Euthanasia.
Paul & Alex in Tasmania
Alex also briefed politicians in both Adelaide and Hobart. Thanks to Mrs. Leesa Vlahos MP in Adelaide and the Speaker of the Tasmanian Parliament, Michael Polley MP.
Whilst in Hobart, Alex and I gave a press conference on the steps of parliament house that was picked up locally by WIN TV and the Launceston Examiner.
The visit to Tasmania came only days after Premier Giddings and Deputy McKim announced that a discussion paper on euthanasia would soon be released. Interestingly, one media outlet also reported that a bill had already been drafted (so, why the discussion?).
Not to be denied, also while in Tasmania (we were only there for a day!) Philip Nitschke announced his intention to open a mobile euthanasia clinic in Hobart once the Giddings/McKim bill passes.

A testament to Alex's commitment, where ever we went he gave generously of his time for media interviews and to talk with supporters and opponents alike.

Alex then spoke at a conference in Auckland NZ before jetting home!

Well done Alex and thanks so much for coming!