Fresh trial of Belgian euthanasia doctor

A new trial has been instigated against Belgian euthanasia doctor Joris Van Hove, who was acquitted of the unlawful euthanasia death of thirty eight year old Belgian woman Tine Nys earlier this year. Two other doctors were also acquitted as part of that trial. Continue reading

Who would sue a medical body for this?

Imagine an election was held and three candidates were up for election, and 6674 people voted.  The results were as follows: Candidate A: 3144 votes; Candidate B: 2684 votes; Candidate C: 701 votes; and 145 blank votes were cast. Continue reading

Doctors find the Gaffney euthanasia bill confusing and contradictory

“We remain very concerned about several components of the draft Bill. It is long and confusing, seems to have been developed on the run, comprises 160 pages much of which we found difficult to understand and many points that seem contradictory.” Continue reading

A tale of two cities

Reginald lives in Auckland and was diagnosed with lung cancer.  He is quickly linked with an oncologist and referred to palliative care doctors who offer counselling, arrange family meetings, assist him in sorting out his affairs, and arrange for him to have oxygen and a hospital bed in his home.  He is visited regularly at home by the palliative care team or his GP, who are able to offer him admission to a hospice if he or his family needs the respite.  During the whole time, medicines are administered to ease his discomfort. Continue reading

Does anyone have the right to ask questions?

Katherine and her husband have been married for 48 years.  He is 83 years old, and so they have been married for more than half their lives.  Continue reading

“Dad would have missed out on so much”

The heart-warming personal story of 18-year old New Zealand girl Rachel Major and her dad has highlighted the inherent dangers of euthanasia laws being proposed for New Zealand this year.  Continue reading

Is this what “choice” looks like?

People living in Canada are speaking up about the lack of “choice” and “dignity” they experience if they have a disability and are reliant on social welfare to survive. Continue reading

Gaping holes in Tas bill now front page news

The wheels are certainly falling off the wagon for the euthanasia and assisted suicide bill that Independent Tasmanian MLC Mike Gaffney is trying to push through Parliament without the scrutiny of a public inquiry such as occurred in other states. Continue reading

Elder Abuse in Victoria – the grim reality

A new report published by Senior Rights Victoria (SRV) entitled “Seven Years of Elder Abuse Data in Victoria” has uncovered some very concerning data about elder abuse reported to the Seniors Rights Victoria’s confidential helpline between June 2012 and July 2019. Continue reading

One euthanasia death every three days in Victoria

“[We] anticipate in the first twelve months based on overseas experience, around a dozen people will access voluntary assisted dying.  And we would think that number would settle at around 100, 150 per year in the years after.  As I said, this is a conservative model.” Continue reading