Raise your voice to protect life: Sign the open letter to the Premier today

NSW is on the brink of another debate on euthanasia and assisted suicide, with MP Alex Greenwich making moves to introduce legislation into parliament.

It’s deeply concerning that we have reached this point… but you can take action by signing this open letter today to stand up for the vulnerable.

So please call on the NSW Premier to reject these dangerous new laws.

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Dear Premier,

It has been heartening to see the people of NSW come together, through the pandemic, to protect the most vulnerable. Many NSW residents are sacrificing their own freedoms to ensure that others are kept safe from COVID-19, demonstrating the high value that we as a state place upon life.

Independent MP Alex Greenwich has released euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation for NSW – which would make it legal to take the lives that we as a state have made many sacrifices for, and fought so hard to protect, during this Covid-19 pandemic.

This comes just as the Aged Care Royal Commission has handed down its findings, outlining a crisis in aged care in this country.

There is no safe way to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide. Evidence from countries overseas who have legalised it demonstrates how unsafe and unregulated these laws are.

Premier, it is a national disgrace for states to be legalising the killing of senior citizens when aged care in this country is so bad.

And we remind you, Premier, that you promised your party room that there would be no more conscience votes in this term of parliament.

We call on you to strongly reject outright these dangerous laws that allow doctors to kill their patients – laws that put vulnerable people at risk from wrongful deaths due to pressure to end their lives prematurely.

You stand in a position where you can act to protect the vulnerable and affirm the value of every human life. Please use your position for good, and make the sensible choice to reject euthanasia and assisted suicide in NSW. Thank you.

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