Australian Palliative Care Week - good news and challenges

Just in case you missed it, Sunday 25 May - Saturday 31 May 2014 is National Palliative Care Week in Australia.You can see what's planned and what's being talked about at the Palliative Care Australia's website HERE.Some great developments: In January, Palliative Care Australia sponsored a motion for the World Health Organisation's (WHO) Assembly held in May this year. The resolution was adopted by the Assembly. Well done!From PCA's Press Release: 

The resolution calls for countries to ensure that palliative care is a core part of health systems, that palliative care is embedded in the basic and continuing education and training for all health workers, and to ensure adequate access to pain medications.

As we've often observed, the problem in Australia is not that we don't have the best of care available - we do - it's just that not everyone currently has access when they need it. Such is the thrust of PCA's National Palliative Care Consensus Statement.

PCA CEO, Dr Yvonne Luxford, commenting on The Aging Agenda website is also calling for more attention to be given to Advance Care Planning both in public education and in the education of health service providers - particularly aged care service providers, in making sure that people's wishes are known and understood.

Dr Luxford told The Aging Agenda "It is definitely not just about care at the end of life. It's about care to improve a person's quality of life and that care can start even from the point of diagnosis."
She said aged care providers should focus on enhancing quality of life by developing an understanding of the residents' values and what's important to them through the advance care planning process.


Note: if you want your say on improving care in Australia, there's an opportunity available at the Consumers Health Forum website by clicking HERE.