British PM will vote against Assisted Suicide Bill

News reports today are confirming that British MP, David Cameron does not support the assisted suicide bill currently under debate in the House of Lords.  The
Mail Online says that Cameron is concerned that he fears 'people will be unfairly pressurised' into ending their own lives.
The story reports Mr Cameron as saying, 'It's a free vote issue. I have not supported it in the past and I'm not planning on changing my position."
Deputy PM and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg has also said that he does not support such legislation.
As the Lords debate Lord Falconer's latest assisted suicide bill Cameron added:  'I think the House of Lords is doing useful work by debating this and bringing out some of the arguments. 
'But my worry has always been about whether people will be unfairly pressurised. But it's a matter of conscience.'