International Resolution on Palliative Care

recently sponsored a motion at the World Health Assembly earlier this month that was passed by the Executive and will now be recommended for adoption by the entire when it meeting in May this year.Palliative Care Australia
The resolution, co-sponsored by the Australian Government, calls for countries to ensure that palliative care is a core part of health systems, that palliative care is embedded in the basic and continuing education and training for all health workers, and to ensure adequate access to pain medications. 
'This is a hugely significant event for palliative care advocates across the world,' said Dr Yvonne Luxford, Chief Executive Officer of Palliative Care Australia. 'This is the first time that there has been a resolution on palliative care considered at this level. It is recognition of the growing importance of this essential health service.'
The PCA press statement goes on to discuss the shortfall in availability of services, even in countries like Australia and confirms that quality palliative care services are cost effective and may even save money for health service providers.
You can read the full PCA Press Statement HERE.