Leading Federal MP applauds Alex Schadenberg

Last evening 50 HOPE supporters gathered at the  Pagoda Chinese Restaurant in Adelaide to officially launch the Australian Edition of Alex Schadenberg's book: 
Exposing Vulnerable People to Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide.
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HOPE director, Paul Russell with
The Hon Kevin Andrews MP
In October of 2010, the HOPE organisation itself was launched in the very same room at this same restaurant on the occasion of Alex's first visit to Australia.

The book was launched by The Hon Kevin Andrews MP, the Federal Member for Menzies in Victoria. Kevin lead the charge in 1997 to successfully overturn the Northern Territory's Rights of the Terminally Ill Act.  Australia became the first nation to experience legal euthanasia and, by Kevin's prosecution of his bill, the only place to have successfully overturned such legislation.
In introducing Kevin, Paul Russell, founder of HOPE, said that Kevin rightly enjoyed 'hero-status' amongst those who oppose euthanasia & assisted suicide.
In his speech he gave those present an insight into the 1997 debate, a solid defence of the status quo and a critical analysis of the flaws in the pro-euthanasia argument.
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HOPE supporters at the dinner
He offered Alex Schadenberg his thanks and congratulations for the foresight and dedication to produce the book which, as he observed, reinforces the principle arguments against euthanasia using only published studies.
After the address, Paul Russell explored the background to Alex's book through the series of reports claiming falsely that vulnerable people are not at risk of abuse from euthanasia & assisted suicide legislation. He said that the pro-euthanasia movement's intense focus on attempting to debunk this crucial element of the debate was itself a sign that the risk remains as a road block to their ends.
Mr Andrews also thanked those present for all their work in continuing to oppose euthanasia legislation and gave encouragement to HOPE as it continues to build its networks and effectiveness.
The book, Exposing Vulnerable People to Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide is available from HOPE for $19.95 (incl p & h) by clicking HERE.