Québec Regains That Killing Feeling.

comments on the bill before the Quebec Provincial legislature that may be voted on anytime from today: Wesley SmithSign the 

by Wesley Smith
Quebec is on the verge–again–of legalizing a radical euthanasia bill. From the National Post story:

One of the first acts of Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard's new Liberal government was to revive Bill 52, which was nearing a final vote in March when the previous Parti Québécois government called an election. All parties agreed to bring the legislation back at the stage it had been before the election. With final debate set to begin next week, the government said it fully expects it will become law before the session ends June 13. 

Parties have agreed to allow a free vote, but a clear majority of the legislature's 125 members have expressed support for the law that would make Quebec the first jurisdiction in North America to allow physicians to deliberately end patients' lives.

In its last iteration, before failing because elections were called, assisted suicide was explicitly outlawed by the bill–meaning that doctors have to do the killing by euthanasia.
You see, Quebec is trying to pull a fast one. The federal government controls criminal law, and euthanasia and assisted suicide is banned by Canadian law. But the provinces regulate the practice of medicine. So, Quebec legislators redefine homicide when committed by a doctor at the request of an ill patient as a "medical treatment," to be called "aid in dying."
Also, who qualified was very loosely defined–not that restrictive guidelines tend to be followed anyway.
Moreover, the taxpayers will pay for euthanasia since Quebec has a single payer system. It also means that killing will be required to be allowed in every provincial hospital, nursing home, and other such care public facilities.
Also, no conscientious objection allowed! Every doctor in Quebec would have to be complicit in medicalized homicide–either by doing the dirty work him or herself, or referring to a doctor the objecting physician knew had no moral qualms about putting patients down.
Quebec is a pretty left wing place. Instead of protecting the weak and vulnerable–as the left wing did in my day–many of today's lefties have a bad case of the death culture virus.
When the new bill is voted-on, I'll bring you the all depressing details.

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