Queensland Election Survey - candidates' views on Euthanasia

  HOPE has taken this opportunity to survey all of the plus 400 candidates for their views on euthanasia & assisted suicide.A little more than 25% responded. Some candidates from the major parties chose to respond giving the party line. In the case of both the LNP and the ALP we were told that neither party planned to introduce euthanasia and/or assisted suicide legislation.

While this is welcome, it does not tell us how a candidate (if elected) would vote if another party or individual were to introduce such a bill.

It's been a while since this issue has come up in Queensland, but this does not mean that it won't come up sometime soon. In fact, one candidate declared to the survey that he would introduce a bill if elected and we know that the Queensland pro-euthanasia lobby is ready to back such a bill should it arise.

If you're from Queensland, make sure you take the time to call your candidates if they haven't responded to the survey.

Please pass this poll around to every Queenslander you know.