Shocking statistics from Belgium

Over the last two years in Belgium, three children were put to death under their euthanasia laws.  The children were aged 9, 11 and 17. 

A further 77 were euthanised for “mental disorders and behaviour,” making it the sixth most common reason for legalised killing in that country.


More than half of those put to death for psychiatric disorders were killed within 3 months of making the request.  This includes a 92 year old man with a mood disorder, whose waiting time was less than a month.

173 of those who were euthanised reported no physical suffering at all, and only psychological suffering.  Examples of psychological suffering included addiction, loss of autonomy, loneliness, despair, loss of dignity, and despair at the thought of losingthe ability to maintain social contacts.

These alarming statistics have come from the latest “activity” report of Belgium’s Euthanasia Commission, covering the euthanasia deaths in that country from 2016 and 2017.

Callously, the report states that the legalised killing of children “makes sense,” because the extension of euthanasia to “discerning minors” gives them a choice about the end of their life.

The report did not state how primary school-aged children could be considered to be “discerning” in any true sense of the term, or how they could possibly understand the likely progression of their illness, the possible treatments and the finality of death.

The biggest increase in deaths in recent years has come from “polypathology.”  The Brussels Times reports:

“The majority of the increase was accounted for by patients aged between 60 and 89 years, who were suffering from polypathology – a combination of different illnesses, such as blindness, hearing loss and incontinence, which together make life for the patient unbearable.

“We are seeing more and more people who no longer accept that condition,” said Professor Wim Distelmans, chair of the federal control commission. “In addition, we are getting older and older, so the figures also go up. This is in fact the first generation to be confronted with polypathology.”

Aside from the many concerning cases involving children, those with mental illnesses and those experiencing no physical suffering, the report also shows the exponential increase of euthanasia deaths in the country since the laws were introduced.

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In less than 15 years, euthanasia and assisted suicide in Belgium is plainly out of control.  It demonstrates that there is no safe way to legalise euthanasia, even with supposed safeguards.

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