South Australian Health Minister calls Parnell/Key model 'flawed'.

Twists and turns: At the eleventh hour in the SA euthanasia debates the Health Minister the Hon John Hill MP has entered the fray today claiming that the Parnell/Key model of legislation is "flawed", "clunky", "bureaucratic" and difficult to implement. Clearly favouring a different model that would provide an exception under the Criminal code to protect doctors from prosecution for an act of euthanasia, Minister Hill nevertheless, has expressed significant reservations about the Parnell/Key model.The Parnell Bill is due for debate on the 24th of November.  Parnell's earlier bill that was rejected last year was also exposed for its errors during the debate last year.  For instance, that bill would have allowed dentists to kill people!

Debate on Wednesday will commence with Parnell raising amendments to his own bill to strike out advanced requests for euthanasia on the mistaken premise that the Palliative Care Act already has this provision.

Clearly we have here an example of why euthanasia can never be contained — because legislators, no matter how they try, will never be able to legislate to control human nature!

See the ABC News release here.