TAKE ACTION: Tell the Tasmanian Parliament to stop euthanasia debate

Independent Tasmanian MP Mike Gaffney has released a draft euthanasia bill that is more extreme than any other legislation in Australia. It even has the slippery slope built into the legislation!

But you can push back against these radical laws by signing the petition below to the Tasmanian Parliament.

This is the fourth attempt to push euthanasia and assisted suicide in Tasmania, with two-thirds of the Tasmanian Lower House voting against a similar bill less than three years ago.

What’s different about this bill is that it doesn’t even pretend to hide its extremism, dispensing with many of the so-called safeguards present in Victorian and West Australian laws. 

Please take action today and tell the Tasmanian Parliament to reject this extreme bill.  Sign the petition today to send them a very strong message.

Together we can make a stand for life in Tasmania.

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To the Tasmanian Parliament

Less than three years ago, two-thirds of the Tasmanian Lower House voted against introducing euthanasia in the state.

Now, an independent MP in Tasmania has released a draft euthanasia bill that seeks to introduce the most extreme euthanasia regime in Australia.

Euthanasia puts society’s most vulnerable citizens – the sick and the elderly – at risk.

Our laws exist to protect human life, not to end it.

We are calling on you to reject this extreme euthanasia bill and put a stop to this slippery slope when it comes to protecting Tasmania’s most vulnerable citizens.

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