Who operates the California assisted suicide law?

Alex Schadenberg Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The assisted suicide lobby in California announced that there were at least 504 assisted suicide requests in the first year of the assisted suicide law. The assisted suicide law came into effect on June 9, 2016 in California. Fierce Health reported:

In an announcement, Compassion & Choices said the law is working as intended and that 504 people had received prescriptions based on inquiries to its consultation program. The group said the total number of prescriptions statewide will be significantly higher since not every patient would have contacted the advocacy group.

The question is - who is running the California assisted suicide law?

Compassion & Choices lobbied the California government to legalize assisted suicide. They are the same lobby group that are reporting that they facilitated 504 lethal prescriptions in the first year of the law.

In September 2008 the Oregonian urged Washington State voters to reject assisted suicide based on how the operation of the law. The Oregonian stated:

Oregon's physician-assisted suicide program has not been sufficiently transparent. Essentially, a coterie of insiders run the program, with a handful of doctors and others deciding what the public may know.

The Oregon assisted suicide law is controlled by the assisted suicide lobby. In 2010, Compassion & Choices bragged that they had facilitated 57 of 59 assisted suicide deaths that year in Oregon. Clearly the fox is running the hen house.

Considering the fact that there is essentially no oversight of the assisted suicide law, how can people be considered safe when the assisted suicide lobby also runs the assisted suicide law?