Stand against euthanasia today

The Tasmanian Parliament is currently considering a bill to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide in the state.

But your action today could make all the difference.

The bill has passed in the Legislative Council and will now be considered by the Lower House in the early new year, following a review by the University of Tasmania.

If passed, this law would leave many vulnerable Tasmanians at risk of coercion and wrongful death.

It conveys a message of hopelessness and despair to chronically ill and disabled Tasmanians and sends a signal from the Parliament that their lives are not worth living.

That’s why your action is needed today.

The Tasmanian Parliament needs to hear from you about your opposition to this dangerous bill.

It’s important that you let the Tasmanian Parliament know your views about this issue by sending an email.

It is crucial the Parliament hears from as many people willing to raise their voices in support of the vulnerable.

Branka van der Linden
Director, HOPE