QLD Candidates on Euthanasia

As of the 30th October

The list below represents the responses received to date from candidates. We will update this list as we receive further correspondence from candidates until the election date.

If you are a candidate and you consider that the position listed next to your name is incorrect, please contact us at [email protected] and we will amend the list accordingly.

You can read the No Euthanasia Alliance Queensland Position Statement here.

Firstname Surname Electorate Party Email Response
Leeanne Enoch Algester ALP [email protected]  
Nerissa Aitken Algester LNP [email protected]  
Josie Mira Algester GRN [email protected]  
Wayne Stacey Algester PHON [email protected]  
Bart Mellish Aspley ALP [email protected]  
Amanda Cooper Aspley LNP [email protected]  
James Hansen Aspley GRN [email protected]  
Chris Whiting Bancroft ALP [email protected]  
Nik AaiReddy Bancroft PHON [email protected]  
Phil Carlson Bancroft LNP [email protected]  
Barry Grant Bancroft IND [email protected]  
Craig Crawford BarronRiver ALP [email protected]  
Linda Cooper BarronRiver LNP [email protected]  
Aaron McDonald BarronRiver GRN [email protected]  
Ash Borg Bonney ALP [email protected]  
Amin Javanmard Bonney GRN [email protected]  
Leana Marquet Bonney IND [email protected] To be clarified
Sam O'Connor Bonney LNP [email protected]  
April Broadbent Broadwater GRN [email protected]  
David Crisafulli Broadwater LNP [email protected]  
Michael Andrews Buderim IND [email protected]  
Alison Barry-Jones Buderim IND [email protected] Supports
Steve Dickson Buderim IND [email protected]  
Joyce Hosking Buderim PHON [email protected]  
Ken Mackenzie Buderim ALP [email protected]  
Brent Mickelberg Buderim LNP [email protected]  
Deborah Moseley Buderim GRN [email protected]  
Di Farmer Bulimba ALP [email protected]  
Finn Armstrong-Schmakeit Bulimba IND [email protected]  
Anthony Bishop Bulimba LNP [email protected] Undecided
Rolf Kuelsen Bulimba GRN [email protected]  
David Batt Bundaberg LNP [email protected] Undecided
Tom Smith Bundaberg ALP [email protected]  
Lance McCallum Bundamba ALP [email protected]  
Sharon Bell Bundamba PHON [email protected] Undecided
Danielle Mutton Bundamba GRN [email protected]  
Rob Shearman Bundamba LNP [email protected]  
Mike Brunker Burdekin ALP [email protected]  
Sam Cox Burdekin KAP [email protected]  
Dale Last Burdekin LNP [email protected]  
Jack Smith Burdekin GRN [email protected]  
Wayne Bartholomew Burleigh ALP [email protected]  
Georgie Batty Burleigh PHON [email protected] Opposed
Michael Hart Burleigh LNP [email protected]  
Rachel Mebberson Burleigh GRN [email protected]  
Stephen Bennett Burnett LNP [email protected] Undecided
Richard Glass Burnett IND [email protected] Opposed
Paul Hudson Burnett KAP [email protected]  
Michael Healy Cairns ALP [email protected]  
Danielle Dench Cairns GRN [email protected]  
Darrin Griffith Cairns PHON [email protected] Opposed
Sam Marino Cairns LNP [email protected]  
Sam Marino Cairns LNP [email protected]  
Colin Boyce Callide LNP [email protected]  
Loris Doessell Callide IND [email protected] Supports
Stuart Coward Caloundra LNP [email protected]  
Raelene Ellis Caloundra GRN [email protected] Supports
Mathew Hill Caloundra IND [email protected] Opposed
Jason Hunt Caloundra ALP [email protected]  
Mike Jessop Caloundra IND [email protected]  
Mark McArdle Caloundra LNP [email protected]  
Luke Poland Caloundra PHON [email protected]  
Don Brown Capalaba ALP [email protected]  
Paul Branagan Capalaba IND [email protected]  
Michael Metzen Capalaba GRN [email protected]  
Bev Walters Capalaba LNP [email protected]  
Steve Minnikin Chatsworth LNP [email protected]  
Lisa O'Donnell Chatsworth ALP [email protected]  
Philip Anthony Clayfield ALP [email protected]  
Andrew Bartlett Clayfield GRN [email protected]  
Robert King Clayfield IND [email protected]  
Tim Nicholls Clayfield LNP [email protected]  
Greg Priebe Condamine PHON [email protected]  
Pat Weir Condamine LNP [email protected]  
Cynthia Lui Cook ALP [email protected]  
Cynthia Lui Cook ALP [email protected]  
Yodie Batzke Cook IND [email protected]  
Nipper Brown Cook LNP [email protected]  
Brettlyn Neal Cook PHON [email protected]  
Tanika Parker Cook KAP [email protected]  
Deby Ruddell Cook GRN [email protected] Supports
Kris Bourbon Coomera IND [email protected] Tobeclarified
Michael Crandon Coomera LNP [email protected]  
Lissy Gavranich Coomera GRN [email protected]  
Chris Johnson Coomera ALP [email protected]  
Tabita Wilkinson Coomera PHON [email protected] Opposed
Kate Jones Cooper ALP [email protected]  
Jonty Bush Cooper ALP [email protected]  
Robert Wiltshire Cooper IND [email protected]  
Katinka Winston-Allom Cooper GRN [email protected]  
Trent Wiseman Cooper LNP [email protected]  
Peter Burgoyne Currumbin GRN [email protected]  
Kaylee Campradtt Currumbin ALP [email protected]  
Laura Gerber Currumbin LNP [email protected]  
Ian Logan Currumbin IND [email protected]  
Richard Stuckey Currumbin IND [email protected]  
Tracy Takacs-Thorne Currumbin IND [email protected] Opposed
Glen Wadsworth Currumbin PHON [email protected] Tobeclarified
Tim Mander Everton LNP [email protected]  
Helen Rath Everton GRN [email protected]  
Danielle Shankey Everton ALP [email protected]  
Jabez Wells Everton IND [email protected]  
Mark Furner FernyGrove ALP [email protected]  
Joel Colls FernyGrove GRN [email protected] Supports
Chris Lehmann FernyGrove LNP [email protected]  
Mark Scofield FernyGrove IND [email protected]  
Elton Williams FernyGrove PHON [email protected]  
Meaghan Scanlon Gaven ALP [email protected]  
Kirsten Jackson Gaven LNP [email protected]  
Sharon Sewell Gaven PHON [email protected]  
Sally Spain Gaven GRN [email protected]  
Glenn Butcher Gladstone ALP [email protected]  
Ron Harding Gladstone LNP [email protected]  
Kevin Jorgensen Gladstone PHON [email protected]  
Murray Peterson Gladstone IND [email protected] Opposed
Brent Hampstead GlassHouse ALP [email protected]  
Andrew McLean GlassHouse GRN [email protected] Supports
Andrew Powell GlassHouse LNP [email protected]  
Graeme Campbell Glasshouse PHON [email protected] Supports
Joe Kelly Greenslopes ALP [email protected]  
Victor Huml Greenslopes GRN [email protected]  
Andrew Newbold Greenslopes LNP [email protected]  
Dave Kerrigan Gregory ALP [email protected]  
Lachlan Millar Gregory LNP [email protected]  
Michael Blaxland Gympie PHON [email protected]  
Lauren Granger-Brown Gympie GRN [email protected]  
Tim Jerome Gympie IND [email protected] Opposed
Tony Perrett Gympie LNP [email protected]  
Geoff Williams Gympie ALP [email protected]  
Steve Coleman HerveyBay LNP [email protected]  
Damian Huxham HerveyBay PHON [email protected] Supports
Ted Sorensen HerveyBay LNP [email protected]  
Adrian Tantari HerveyBay ALP [email protected]  
Stuart Taylor HerveyBay IND [email protected]  
Jen Sackley Hichinbrook IND [email protected]  
Jennifer Cox Hill GRN [email protected]  
Nick Cuda Hill LNP [email protected]  
Michael Hodgkins Hill ALP [email protected]  
Shane Knuth Hill KAP [email protected] Opposed
Chester Tuxford Hill IND [email protected]  
Nick Dametto Hinchinbrook KAP [email protected]  
Paul Jacob Hinchinbrook ALP [email protected]  
Carolyn Mewing Hinchinbrook GRN [email protected]  
Scott Piper Hinchinbrook LNP [email protected]  
Annastacia Palaszczuk Inala ALP [email protected]  
Terry Jones Inala IND [email protected] Supports
Peter Murphy Inala GRN [email protected] Supports
Jennifer Howard Ipswich ALP [email protected]  
Suzie Holmes Ipswich PHON [email protected]  
Scott O'Connell Ipswich LNP [email protected]  
Pat Walsh Ipswich GRN [email protected] Supports
Jim Madden IpswichWest ALP [email protected]  
Gary Duffy IpswichWest PHON [email protected]  
Raven Wolf IpswichWest GRN [email protected] Supports
Charis Mullen Jordan ALP [email protected]  
Navdeep Singh Jordan GRN [email protected]  
Neil Symes Jordan PHON [email protected]  
Jarrod Bleijie Kawana LNP [email protected]  
Lyn Moussalli Kawana PHON [email protected]  
Bill Redpath Kawana ALP [email protected] Supports
Anna Sri Kawana GRN [email protected] Supports
Brittany Lauga Keppel ALP [email protected]  
Adrian deGroot Keppel LNP [email protected]  
Clancy Mullbrick Keppel GRN [email protected]  
Wade Rothery Keppel PHON [email protected]  
Thor Prohaska Kurwongba IND [email protected]  
Shane King Kurwongbah ALP [email protected]  
Kim Attrill Kurwongbah PHON [email protected]  
Kerry Petrus Kurwongbah LNP [email protected]  
Earl Snijders Kurwongbah GRN [email protected]  
Jim McDonald Lockyer LNP [email protected]  
Jim Savage Lockyer IND [email protected]  
Corey West Lockyer PHON [email protected]  
Linus Power Logan ALP [email protected]  
Liam Jenkinson Logan GRN [email protected]  
Joan Pease Lytton ALP [email protected]  
Gordon Walters Lytton LNP [email protected]  
Melissa McMahon Macalister ALP [email protected]  
Margaret Keech Macalister IND [email protected]  
Kirsty Petersen Macalister GRN [email protected]  
Paul Taylor Macalister IND [email protected] Opposed
Judi VanManen Macalister LNP [email protected]  
Julieanne Gilbert Mackay ALP [email protected]  
Chris Bonanno Mackay LNP [email protected]  
Christine Keys Mackay PHON [email protected] Undecided
Imogen Lindenberg Mackay GRN [email protected]  
Michael  Berkman Maiwar GRN [email protected]  
Lauren Day Maiwar LNP [email protected]  
Michael Johnson Maiwar IND [email protected]  
Palani Thevan Maiwar ALP [email protected]  
Corrine McMillan Mansfield ALP [email protected]  
Rob Walter Mansfield GRN [email protected] Supports
Jarrod Wirth Mansfield IND [email protected]  
Janet Wishart Mansfield LNP [email protected]  
Janet Wishart Mansfield LNP [email protected]  
John Connolly Maroochydore IND [email protected]  
Janet Creevy Maroochydore IND [email protected]  
Fiona Sison Maroochydore LNP [email protected]  
Gabrielle Unverzagt Maroochydore GRN [email protected]  
Bruce Saunders Maryborough ALP [email protected]  
Craig Armstrong Maryborough GRN [email protected]  
Denis Chapman Maryborough LNP [email protected]  
Sharon Lohse Maryborough PHON [email protected]  
Grace Grace McConnel ALP [email protected]  
Miranda Bertram McConnel IND [email protected]  
Kirsten Lovejoy McConnel GRN [email protected]  
Pinky Singh McConnel LNP [email protected] Undecided
Zai Harris MermaidBeach GRN [email protected]  
Rhett Holt MermaidBeach IND [email protected]  
Stephen James MermaidBeach PHON [email protected]  
Tory Jones MermaidBeach IND [email protected] Supports
Nicholas Macarthur-Williams MermaidBeach IND [email protected]  
Ray Stevens MermaidBeach LNP [email protected]  
Carl Ungerer MermaidBeach ALP [email protected]  
Mark Bailey Miller ALP [email protected]  
Edward Carroll Miller IND [email protected] Supports
Patsy O'Brien Miller GRN [email protected]  
Stephen Andrew Mirani PHON [email protected]  
Shane Hamilton Mirani ALP [email protected]  
Tracie Newitt Mirani LNP [email protected]  
Ben Watkin Mirani GRN [email protected]  
Roberta Albrecht Moggill ALP [email protected]  
Lawson McCane Moggill GRN [email protected]  
Christian Rowan Moggill LNP [email protected] Opposed
Mark Ryan Morayfield ALP [email protected]  
Theresa Craig Morayfield LNP [email protected]  
Rodney Hansen Morayfield PHON [email protected]  
Amy Smith Morayfield GRN [email protected] Supports
Jess Pugh MountOmmaney ALP [email protected]  
Roger Hooper MountOmmaney LNP [email protected] Supports palliative care
Asha Worsteling MountOmmaney GRN [email protected] Supports
Ros Bates Mudgeeraba LNP [email protected]  
Andrew Liddell Mudgeeraba PHON [email protected]  
Gary Pead Mudgeeraba IND [email protected]  
Scott Turner Mudgeeraba GRN [email protected]  
Curtis Pitt Mulgrave ALP [email protected]  
Sue Cory Mulgrave GRN [email protected]  
Attila Feher-Holan Mulgrave KAP [email protected]  
Gerry Vallianos Mulgrave LNP [email protected] Undecided
Coralee O'Rourke Mundingburra ALP [email protected]  
Ian Bowron Mundingburra PHON [email protected]  
Jenny Brown Mundingburra GRN [email protected]  
Glenn Doyle Mundingburra LNP [email protected]  
Alannah Tomlinson Mundingburra KAP [email protected]  
Les Walker Mundingburra ALP [email protected]  
Steven Miles Murrumba ALP [email protected]  
Yvonne Barlow Murrumba LNP [email protected] Opposed
Karen Haddock Murrumba PHON [email protected]  
Jason Kennedy Murrumba GRN [email protected]  
Deb Frecklington Nanango LNP [email protected]  
John Harbison Nanango GRN [email protected]  
Tony Scrimshaw Nanango PHON [email protected] To be decided by electorate
Mark Stapleton Nanango ALP [email protected]  
Sue Etheridge Nicklin GRN [email protected] Supports
Marty Hunt Nicklin LNP [email protected]  
Robert Skelton Nicklin ALP [email protected]  
Daniel Bryar Ninderry GRN [email protected] Supports
Melinda Dobbs Ninderry ALP [email protected]  
Dan Purdie Ninderry LNP [email protected]  
Frank Weijers Ninderry PHON [email protected]  
James Blevin Noosa LNP [email protected]  
Mark Denham Noosa ALP [email protected]  
Rhonda Prescott Noosa GRN [email protected]  
Leanne Linard Nudgee ALP [email protected]  
Jim Davies Nudgee GRN [email protected] Supports
Ryan Shaw Nudgee LNP [email protected] Undecided
Irene Henley Oodgeroo ALP [email protected]  
Ian Mazlin Oodgeroo GRN [email protected] Supports
Claire Richardson Oodgeroo IND [email protected] Supports
Mark Robinson Oodgeroo LNP [email protected] Opposed
Nikki Boyd PineRivers ALP [email protected]  
Tara Seiffert-Smith PineRivers GRN [email protected]  
Kara Thomas PineRivers LNP [email protected]  
Bruce Vaschina PineRivers IND [email protected] Supports, will oppose if majority of electorate opposes
Fiona Gaske Pumicestone LNP [email protected]  
Ali King Pumicestone ALP [email protected]  
Ross Konowalenko Pumicestone PHON [email protected]  
Richard Ogden Pumicestone GRN [email protected]  
Simone Wilson Pumicestone LNP [email protected]  
Yvette D'Ath Redcliffe ALP [email protected]  
Kerri-Anne Dooley Redcliffe LNP [email protected]  
Carolyn Kerr Redcliffe IND [email protected]  
Ian Philp Redcliffe IND [email protected]  
Will Simon Redcliffe GRN [email protected]  
Kim Richards Redlands ALP [email protected]  
Carmen McNaught Redlands GRN [email protected]  
Henry Pike Redlands LNP [email protected]  
Barry O'Rourke Rockhampton ALP [email protected]  
Dominic Doblo Rockhampton IND [email protected]  
Tony Hopkins Rockhampton LNP [email protected]  
Mick Jones Rockhampton GRN [email protected]  
Torin O'Brien Rockhampton PHON [email protected]  
Christian Shepherd Rockhampton KAP [email protected] Opposed
Stirling Hinchliffe Sandgate ALP [email protected]  
Miree LeRoy Sandgate GRN [email protected] Supports
Clark Siemsen Sandgate LNP [email protected]  
Pietro Agnoletto ScenicRim GRN [email protected]  
Paul Henselin ScenicRim PHON [email protected]  
Jon Krause ScenicRim LNP [email protected]  
Jackie Trad SouthBrisbane ALP [email protected]  
Clem Grehan SouthBrisbane LNP [email protected]  
John Jiggens SouthBrisbane IND [email protected]  
Amy MacMahon SouthBrisbane GRN [email protected]  
John Meyer SouthBrisbane IND [email protected] Supports
James Lister SouthernDowns LNP [email protected]  
Rosemary Moulden SouthernDowns PHON [email protected]  
Joel Richters SouthernDowns ALP [email protected]  
Raphael Felix Southport PHON [email protected]  
Susie Gallagher Southport ALP [email protected]  
Brett Lambert Southport IND [email protected]  
Rob Molhoek Southport LNP [email protected]  
Mick deBrenni Springwood ALP [email protected]  
Kirrily Boulton Springwood LNP [email protected] Undecided
Glen Cookson Springwood PHON [email protected]  
Janina Leo Springwood GRN [email protected]  
Anthony Lynham Stafford ALP [email protected] Retiring
Stephen Bates Stafford GRN [email protected] Supports
Anthony Conciatore Stafford IND [email protected]  
Ed Sangjitphun Stafford LNP [email protected]  
Jimmy Sullivan Stafford ALP [email protected]  
Duncan Pegg Stretton ALP [email protected]  
Andrea Wildin Stretton GRN [email protected] Supports
Peter Zhuang Stretton LNP [email protected]  
Peter Zhuang Stretton LNP [email protected]  
John-Paul Langbroek SurfersParadise LNP [email protected]  
Nelson Quinn SurfersParadise GRN [email protected]  
Tracey Bell Theodore ALP [email protected]  
Mark Boothman Theodore LNP [email protected]  
Gale Oxenford Theodore IND [email protected]  
John Woodlock Theodore GRN [email protected] Supports
Aaron Harper Thuringowa ALP [email protected]  
Heidi Hardisty Thuringowa GRN [email protected]  
Natalie Marr Thuringowa LNP [email protected]  
Julianne Wood Thuringowa KAP [email protected]  
Peter Russo Toohey ALP [email protected]  
Warren Craze Toohey LNP [email protected]  
Claire Garton Toohey GRN [email protected] Supports
Alyce Nelligan ToowoombaNorth GRN [email protected]  
Megan O'HaraSullivan ToowoombaNorth ALP megan.o'[email protected]  
Trevor Watts ToowoombaNorth LNP [email protected]  
Robert Berry ToowoombaSouth IND [email protected]  
Thomas Coyne ToowoombaSouth GRN [email protected]  
David Janetzki ToowoombaSouth LNP [email protected]  
Dylan Kozlowski ToowoombaSouth PHON [email protected] Opposed
Susan Krause ToowoombaSouth ALP [email protected]  
Scott Stewart Townsville ALP [email protected]  
John Hathaway Townsville LNP [email protected]  
Tom O'Grady Townsville GRN [email protected]  
Joshua Schwarz Townsville KAP [email protected]  
Robbie Katter Traegar KAP [email protected]  
James Bambrick Traeger ALP [email protected]  
Craig Scriven Traeger IND [email protected] To be clarified
Marnie Smith Traeger LNP [email protected]  
Rick Gurnett Warrego KAP [email protected]  
Ann Leahy Warrego LNP [email protected] To be clarified
Shannon Fentiman Waterford ALP [email protected]  
Lanai Carter Waterford IND [email protected]  
Andrew Caswell Waterford LNP [email protected]  
Kim Miller Waterford PHON [email protected] Opposed
Emma Barrett Whitsunday GRN [email protected]  
Amanda Camm Whitsunday LNP [email protected]  
Angie Kelly Whitsunday ALP [email protected]  
Deb Lawson Whitsunday PHON [email protected]  
Ciaron Paterson Whitsunday KAP [email protected]  
Cameron Dick Woodridge ALP [email protected]  
Russell Bauer Woodridge LNP [email protected]