If you thought Calvary was bad…

You might recall that long before the ACT Government snatched Calvary Hospital away from the Catholic Church so that its planned euthanasia regime would not be resisted, a ten-bed palliative care facility in British Columbia, Canada was subject to a similar fate.

The lease for the Irene Thomas Hospice was not renewed and its operational activities were removed from Delta Hospice (an organisation that does not support euthanasia) and given to the government-owned-and-operated Fraser Health Authority.

Now, Fraser Health is in the news for making their intentions very clear.

The Daily Mail reports:

“A Canadian healthcare provider sparked outrage after emailing out a slideshow to a group of healthy patients offering advice on medically assisted suicide.”

Unsurprisingly, this pro-death health authority is Fraser Health Care, the organisation that the government wheeled in to take over from Delta Hospice.

Alarmingly, Fraser Health Care allegedly promoted “assisted suicide programs to those simply receiving information on their pension package.”

In the slideshow that forms part of the notes, Fraser Health helpfully notes that “a previous history of suicide does NOT automatically prohibit someone from being eligible for MAID” and lists “chronic pain” as a condition that could trigger eligibility.

Canada is already infamous for offering euthanasia to a war veteran suffering from PTSD, a paralympian looking for a wheelchair ramp to be installed in her home, those with severe allergies, chronic fatigue and more.

With plans to soon introduce euthanasia to those suffering mental illness only, retirees on government pensions were one of the few vulnerable groups that present a budgetary cost that were not specifically targeted by those promoting euthanasia in Canada. It’s no wonder they were next.