It took more than three years for this prosecution to occur

The public prosecutor in the Hague has announced that the first-ever prosecution for a breach of euthanasia safeguards in the Netherlands will occur, more than 15 years after euthanasia laws came into effect in the country. Continue reading

Breaking news - Western Australia moving to legalise assisted suicide

In a very disappointing move that is clearly motivated more by politics than by evidence and research, the Western Australian government has announced it will legalise assisted suicide.  It has appointed an expert panel to assist the government to draft the legislation. Continue reading

Euthanasia advocate thinks legislative safeguards are ‘beg and grovel’ provisions

Extreme pro-euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has been holding workshops in New Zealand in the past week with members of his organisation Exit International to discuss issues surrounding assisted suicide.   Continue reading

Tragic death used by euthanasia advocates to expand laws

The tragic death of a Canadian woman is being used by euthanasia advocates to remove the legal safeguard that a person who has requested euthanasia must provide consent just before they are given a lethal injection.  Continue reading

Queensland man first to be imprisoned for counselling suicide

“However, one can imagine many circumstances arising where people in positions of trust and responsibility could succumb to the temptation to counsel suicide for personal gain.” Continue reading

Three problems with Victoria’s new euthanasia hotline

Not content with just passing dangerous assisted suicide legislation that will put the lives of vulnerable Victorians at risk, the Victorian government is taking things a step further with a new ill-thought out proposal. Continue reading

WA looks to most radical euthanasia regime in the world as a model

The Joint Select Committee on End of Life Choices in WA majority report (“Sanderson Report”) has recommended that assisted suicide be legalised in Western Australia.  The model that has been recommended is one that closely mirrors the regime in place in Canada. Continue reading

Pro-euthanasia activist running as Labor candidate in Bennelong

A pro-euthanasia activist has been named as Labor’s candidate in the seat of Bennelong for next year’s federal election. Dr Brian Owler is one of the activist doctors who lobbied for assisted suicide to be legalised in the campaign conducted in Victoria last year. Continue reading

Is lack of palliative care in Canada driving people to euthanasia?

When Canada introduced euthanasia and assisted suicide into its laws, debate occurred about whether patients were seeking to prematurely end their lives because they did not have access to appropriate palliative care. Continue reading

The World Medical Association continues to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide

Two recent significant wins for opponents of assisted suicide demonstrate how strongly doctors oppose the practice of euthanasia and assisted suicide around the world. Continue reading