WA doctor recommends ‘kill clinics’

While the suggestion that specialised “kill clinics” should be established to implement the government’s proposed euthanasia regime might sound shocking, their creation would be entirely consistent with the Bill currently before the WA Legislative Council, as well as the experience in overseas jurisdictions where euthanasia and assisted suicide have been legalised. Continue reading

Canadians want assistance to live – not die

Jonathan Marchand has had a form of muscular dystrophy since he was 15. He is now in his 40s and on a ventilator. Continue reading

Close the Gap, not euthanasia, should be priority: Senator

“First Australians live shorter lives. Their babies are likelier to die of preventable diseases. They watch their friends, cousins and siblings prematurely end their own lives. They have had their hearts broken too often when there is a “death in custody” because of misjudgement, prejudice or ignorance as their culture faces power and authority. One simply cannot bear witness to this reality — where First Nations are overrepresented at every stage of our health and criminal justice systems — and put forward another avenue to death.” Continue reading

What WA doctors think about the euthanasia bill

A survey of more than 1500 medical practitioners conducted by the WA branch of the AMA has found that doctors are very concerned about the lack of safeguards in the WA euthanasia bill, and in particular, about the lack of equitable access to palliative care across the state. Continue reading

What’s next in Western Australia’s campaign against euthanasia

WA’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019 passed the state’s lower house with an overwhelming majority of 45/11 on Tuesday 24 September. Continue reading

Depressed Canadian man accessed euthanasia

“We spent 50 years helping Alan live, and in one month they signed his death warrant. How can that happen in that period of time? Where’s the legislation to protect us?” Continue reading

Euthanasia: what the nurses see

Two professors in the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia have blown apart some of the stereotypes in the euthanasia debate in research published in recent days, and provided startling accounts from nurses who are there to witness the euthanasia deaths of patients. Continue reading

WA Government offering euthanasia to every resident, but not palliative care

The WA parliament, thinking they were debating euthanasia legislation, have inadvertently uncovered the appalling state of palliative care in WA, especially as it concerns residents in regional and remote parts of the state. Continue reading

Any two doctors allowed to sign off on death

WA’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill requiring two doctors to sign off on a request to die may sound reassuring at first, but there’s a catch. Continue reading

Catholic hospital forced to provide euthanasia

  Not only are the conscience rights of doctors under threat in Canada; it seems that even faith-based institutions are being forced to tow the euthanasia line. Continue reading