Voice of First Nations Peoples Against Euthanasia

  HOPE is proud to partner with Munganbana Norman Miller, Convenor, Voice of First Nations Peoples Against Euthanasia. It is no longer acceptable for state governments to ignore the voices of Indigenous Australians when it comes to euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation. Read the statement below: Continue reading

South Australian euthanasia bill passes Upper House

Labor MP Clare Scriven is one of seven Upper House MLCs in the South Australian Parliament who voted against Kyam Maher MLC’s euthanasia and assisted suicide bill.  Ms Scriven articulated the issue well when she said: Continue reading

Euthanasia advocates once again reveal their hand

David Sandford is 84 years old, and describes himself as being “in pretty good health.” Continue reading

Overwhelmed and exhausted: Qld hospitals in crisis

In an honest interview about the crisis currently facing the state’s hospitals, Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath has described the strain on medical staff and hospital resources, and foreshadowing the worst is yet to come. Continue reading

Murder acquittal raises serious questions

New South Wales woman Barbara Eckersley has been found not guilty of murder, and guilty only of the lesser charge of manslaughter, after putting lethal drugs in the soup given to her mother. Continue reading

Calls for expansion already underway in WA

Before the West Australian euthanasia and assisted suicide regime has even been implemented, activists are already trying to see its reach expanded. Continue reading

Canadian euthanasia regime failing to report adequately

When Canada’s Supreme Court delivered its judgment legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide in 2015, it recognised that there could be risks of misuse and harm in doing so, but considered that “a properly administered regulatory regime [would be] capable of protecting the vulnerable from abuse or error.” It endorsed the view that risks to vulnerable patients of misuse of the system could be “very substantially minimised through a carefully designed system that imposes strict limits that are scrupulously monitored and enforced.” (my emphasis) Continue reading

Where is the choice for residents of Western Sydney?

There are thousands of patients living and being treated in the Penrith, Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury regions of western Sydney who are nearing the end of their lives. Continue reading

Laws to protect the vulnerable under attack

In 2005, a law was passed by federal parliament aimed at protecting people from those who would use the online environment to incite someone to suicide, promote suicide, or instruct someone how to commit suicide. Continue reading

“Woefully unprepared”: palliative care experts

As New Zealand prepares to introduce euthanasia and assisted suicide, critical questions are being asked, exposing significant gaps in planning that will put vulnerable people further at risk. Continue reading