Euthanasia: what the nurses see

Two professors in the School of Nursing at the University of British Columbia have blown apart some of the stereotypes in the euthanasia debate in research published in recent days, and provided startling accounts from nurses who are there to witness the euthanasia deaths of patients. Continue reading

WA Government offering euthanasia to every resident, but not palliative care

The WA parliament, thinking they were debating euthanasia legislation, have inadvertently uncovered the appalling state of palliative care in WA, especially as it concerns residents in regional and remote parts of the state. Continue reading

Any two doctors allowed to sign off on death

WA’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill requiring two doctors to sign off on a request to die may sound reassuring at first, but there’s a catch. Continue reading

Catholic hospital forced to provide euthanasia

  Not only are the conscience rights of doctors under threat in Canada; it seems that even faith-based institutions are being forced to tow the euthanasia line. Continue reading

International experts: euthanasia undermines palliative care

As state governments in Australia consider bills to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide, it is imperative that the views of doctors and palliative care health professionals, as the professions most affected by such radical changes to the law, are taken into account. Continue reading

Patients don’t need a “current wish to die” for doctors to euthanise: Dutch courts

A Dutch court has shown that legislative safeguards for euthanasia and assisted suicide are completely useless in that country. Continue reading

Death for all in Canada

Once again the first euthanasia law has proved to be nothing more than a stepping stone to a far more liberal euthanasia regime. Continue reading

Euthanasia advocates: ‘great certainty’ WA law will expand

Veteran of the euthanasia campaign, Philip Nitschke, has predicted that if Western Australia passes the assisted suicide and euthanasia bill currently before parliament, immediate pressure will be brought to bear to expand the categories of people to whom, and the circumstances under which, it becomes available. Continue reading

HOPE in Western Australia

Thanks to the generous support of our HOPE community, last week I was on the ground in Perth meeting with MPs and key stakeholders to present the case for life. Continue reading

No-one asked if I was okay

Three years ago, disability advocate Samantha Connor and a group of disabled friends conducted a small protest outside the Australian premiere of Me Before You, a Hollywood film about a wealthy banker who is paralysed in an accident and ends his life at Dignitas, the Swiss euthanasia clinic. Continue reading