“My Life, My Choice”?

A recent vote in the WA Legislative Council (the Upper House) has provided a legislative guarantee that regional and remote residents in WA are entitled to the same access to euthanasia and assisted suicide as metropolitan residents.  A subsequent vote decided against providing a commensurate legislative guarantee that they are entitled to access palliative care, no matter where they live in the state. Continue reading

The “death” of democracy

Last week, the WA Premier accused Nick Goiran MLC of “shameful and undemocratic” behaviour, referring to the slow pace with which the Upper House is moving through amendments to the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2019. He stated: Continue reading

If you don’t want to euthanise, don’t study medicine

In Canada, there has been an extraordinary reaction to a bill that would have allowed doctors who object to participating in euthanasia to refuse to be a part of it. Continue reading

Lethal mix: elder abuse and take-home poison

While the limelight in the Western Australian parliament 2017 – 2018 was predominantly commanded by the Inquiry into the need for laws in Western Australia to allow citizens to make informed decisions regarding their own end of life choices, another very important inquiry was eclipsed… Continue reading

The other slippery slope

Usually when the expansion of euthanasia and assisted suicide over time is discussed, it is looked at from a legal perspective, that is, considering how initially narrow categories of those eligible for euthanasia are expanded overtime in the law. Continue reading

Amendments do little to protect patients

The West Australian government appears to have conceded that its “perfect” euthanasia bill is not-so-perfect, with an announcement yesterday that it would agree to another six amendments to the bill. Continue reading

Whatever you do, don’t tell them the truth

New Zealand citizens are set to have their say on euthanasia next year, following a decision by its parliament to legalise euthanasia if approved by a referendum next year. Continue reading

Daughter anger at doctor suggesting euthanasia

“About a week or two before Mom passed away, her doctor stopped in to check on her. Mom was in some discomfort and the doctor suggested she could quicken the process to end her suffering, alluding to euthanasia. When I came to visit shortly after, Mom told me about the doctor’s visit. She had a look of confusion on her face and was very unsettled. I could just imagine the thoughts that assaulted her mind. Maybe this is too much for the kids?  Maybe they’re tired of caring for me? Maybe I’m just a financial burden to society? Am I safe in this place or do they want to end my life? All very horrible thoughts for someone already so vulnerable and weak. I assured her that none of that was true and left it at that, although I was very angry at the doctor.” Continue reading

“Much more widespread and more serious”

“We have been told about people who have walked into an aged care residence, frail but in relatively good spirits and mentally alert, only to die a few months later after suffering from falls, serious pressure injuries and significant pain and distress. We have seen images of people with maggots feeding in open sores and we have seen video and photographic evidence of outright abuse. Continue reading

1500 NZ doctors sign open letter against euthanasia

More than 1500 doctors in New Zealand have signed an open letter to all New Zealanders, appealing to MPs not to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide. Continue reading