Is this what “choice” looks like?

People living in Canada are speaking up about the lack of “choice” and “dignity” they experience if they have a disability and are reliant on social welfare to survive. Continue reading

Gaping holes in Tas bill now front page news

The wheels are certainly falling off the wagon for the euthanasia and assisted suicide bill that Independent Tasmanian MLC Mike Gaffney is trying to push through Parliament without the scrutiny of a public inquiry such as occurred in other states. Continue reading

Elder Abuse in Victoria – the grim reality

A new report published by Senior Rights Victoria (SRV) entitled “Seven Years of Elder Abuse Data in Victoria” has uncovered some very concerning data about elder abuse reported to the Seniors Rights Victoria’s confidential helpline between June 2012 and July 2019. Continue reading

One euthanasia death every three days in Victoria

“[We] anticipate in the first twelve months based on overseas experience, around a dozen people will access voluntary assisted dying.  And we would think that number would settle at around 100, 150 per year in the years after.  As I said, this is a conservative model.” Continue reading

Dementia, euthanasia public opinion

A new study which has examined levels of support for euthanasia for people with dementia (otherwise referred to as Advance Request Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide (“AR-EAS”)) yet again confirms just how inadequate public polling on euthanasia really is. Continue reading

From woefully inadequate to still woefully inadequate

The McGowan government has quantified just how much it cares about providing end-of-life “choice” to the sick and vulnerable in Western Australia… and the results are disappointing, although not unexpected. Continue reading

Death in four days is a big risk

Nine years ago, New Zealand woman Vicki Walsh was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and told she only had 12 months to live. Continue reading

Euthanasia’s devastating impact on patient care

This week, two front line doctors from Australia and New Zealand have given voice to their concerns about the legalisation of euthanasia and assisted suicide and the consequences for the practice of medicine, as well as for the long term care of patients at end of life. Continue reading

‘Inhumane’: Victorian aged care residents sedated instead of hospitalised

“Elderly people in aged-care facilities infected with COVID-19 are being refused hospital admission and are instead being heavily sedated in understaffed and under-siege nursing homes.” Continue reading

Lonely and isolated Canadians being euthanised

The first annual report on euthanasia statistics in Canada has been released, providing a breakdown of the number of people euthanised under their Medical Aid in Dying legislation (“MAiD”) in 2019. Continue reading