Euthanasia advocate reveals true agenda

The former Chief Minister of the Northern Territory who oversaw the country’s first euthanasia regime has told a Queensland parliamentary inquiry that he expects current euthanasia regimes passed or proposed in Australia would be extended to those who are not terminally ill, and who are “tired of life,” but not for another few decades. Continue reading

When those most opposed are the experts…

One of WA’s most senior palliative care nurses and a New Zealand based palliative medicine specialist have both come out in opposition to the looming euthanasia laws in their respective jurisdictions.  Continue reading

Man who helped his wife die walks free

Penelope Blume was suffering from motor neurone disease. Continue reading

10 things to know about the WA Panel Report

On Thursday, the West Australian Ministerial Expert Panel on Voluntary Assisted Dying released its final report on the implementation of euthanasia and assisted suicide in that state.  It gives a detailed insight into what a euthanasia and assisted suicide regime will look like, including the aspects of the Victorian regime that they have sought fit to dispense with as too restrictive. Continue reading

“I’m not completely familiar with the report.”

New Zealand’s Disability Commissioner Paula Tesoriero told TVNZ about how proposals to introduce euthanasia were “overwhelmingly opposed” by the disability sector, and spoke of some of the real fears expressed by the already vulnerable group. Continue reading

Despite great personal loss, this WA politician opposes euthanasia

Western Australia’s new Leader of the Opposition, 52-year-old Liza Harvey, lost her husband Hal to pancreatic cancer five years ago. Continue reading

From today, the doctor-patient relationship will change

From today, the medical landscape in Victoria will change, as the doctor-patient relationship is fundamentally redefined. Continue reading

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day marked in shadow of looming euthanasia laws

Ahead of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day this weekend, experts and frontline staff from a range of disciplines have warned of the serious underreporting and silent epidemic of elder abuse, and have told of how it often goes undetected, even by the victim. Continue reading

AMA votes overwhelmingly to oppose euthanasia… again

Pro-euthanasia advocates and media organisations routinely try to downplay the opposition of doctors to assisted suicide. As an example, the editorial in the Age this week ahead of the commencement of the assisted suicide law in Victoria states that “…some doctors and community members remain concerned terminally ill people might be influenced by avaricious, manipulative family members towards a decision to end their life, or be unable to give full and proper consent because of depression or other mental illness that often accompanies chronic suffering.” Continue reading

Noa’s euthanasia death may have been fake news, but this one wasn’t

There is nothing that is not tragic about the death of 17-year old Noa Pothoven. Continue reading