Comply or die: government funding used to push euthanasia

Can a government or health regulator use financial penalties to force a hospice or a hospital to provide euthanasia against its wishes? Continue reading

How many deaths is enough?

Friday saw the first anniversary of Victoria’s euthanasia regime and even though the community is still being kept in the dark about how many deaths have occurred during this time, there is a lot we can know about the devastating nature of this brutal regime. Continue reading

Paying lip service to choice

The former editor of Queensland’s Courier-Mail has made an empassioned plea to those in charge of the Clem Jones Trust to fund palliative care, and not simply euthanasia advocacy. Continue reading

Victorian elder abuse reports increasing

15 June is the date set aside each year to commemorate World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.  Regrettably, elder abuse is a growing problem both in Australia and around the world.  It is an issue that is largely hidden, and very difficult to detect. Continue reading

Zoom – the future of euthanasia?

In the United States, news has emerged of the growing industry of “assisted suicide by Skype”, with many patients being assessed online by doctors who have never met them or examined them in person. This practice has accelerated in the time that Coronavirus restrictions have been in place. Continue reading

Unfinished business: Labor MP speaks of Qld euthanasia delay

Referring the issue of euthanasia and assisted suicide to the Queensland Law Reform Commission (QLRC) has not taken it off the table as an election issue. Continue reading

Fear factor: the motivation behind increase in euthanasia requests

Victoria appears on track to exceed, by a factor of at least ten, its prediction of the number of people who would die by euthanasia or assisted suicide within its first year. Continue reading

Just as deadly

It might have been hoped that following a consultation – or the veneer of a consultation – the draft euthanasia bill proposed by Tasmanian Independent MLC Mike Gaffney would have improved. Continue reading

The lie of freedom of conscience guarantees

Despite assurances by euthanasia proponents that legalisation would not affect the rights of individuals and organisations to conscientiously object, the current bullying of a British Columbia palliative care hospice is showing just how deceptive and misleading these assurances actually were. Continue reading

No shame: euthanasia advocates push laws this year

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is resisting significant pressure from pro-euthanasia advocates to rush through controversial and risky euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation before the state election in October. Continue reading