Tasmanian Museum Peddles Death

Multi-millionaire, David Walsh's assault on the senses in his new Art Museum on the banks of the Derwent river, Hobart, would seem to be an attempt to offend almost everyone. From rotting animal carcasses to the remains of a suicide bomber made from Belgian chocolate and an 'excrement machine' that mimics the human body's waste evacuation system, there would seem to be something here to shock everyone.Hardly surprising then that Walsh should claim that 'understanding' of the 'artworks' increases as a person's alcohol level increases!  Mmmm.  Replace 'understanding' with 'desensitizing' and maybe we're getting closer to the truth. Continue reading

Article acknowledges 'highly organised' HOPE campaign

 A recent article in   newspaper reported on a new Australia Institute survey claiming that something like 75% of Australians support euthanasia.  If we compare that to recent, long running polls claiming upward of 85% support, then there might be some cause for celebration!  Perhaps not.The Age Continue reading

Calls for a national approach to Elder Abuse

  The national newspaper, , ran an article today calling for a national hotline to be set up to deal with the problem of  Continue reading

Advertising Standards Bureau - Exit common sense

On the 26th of November, the Australian   (ASB) dismissed complaints against Exit International's billboard advertising campaign that ran in Sydney.Advertising Standards Bureau Continue reading

Hill's Kill Bill - Open season on patients

Readers may recall the eleventh hour intervention by the South Australian Health Minister, John Hill the day before the euthanasia debate that raised serious doubts about the Parnell Bill.  How this affected the outcome of the debate the next day is anybody's guess â�� but it was certainly a welcome statement that supported our observations.  That same day, however, Mr Hill circulated a draft bill which, we understand, may be tabled in the parliament in the New Year. Mr Hill's alternative is very different in approach to the legislative frameworks adopted by pro-euthanasia MPs over recent years.  We've had bills designed to create stand alone acts and bills that amend existing acts of the SA Parliament but, to my knowledge we have never seen a euthanasia and assisted suicide bill that restricts itself entirely to amending the SA Criminal Code (the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935, to be precise).The Hill 'Kill Bill' creates a legal defence against an act of euthanasia or assisting in a suicide for a medical practitioner or for another person who aids a medical practitioner in an act of euthanasia or assisted suicide within Division 1 (homicide) Subsection 13 (manslaughter) of the Act. Continue reading

More from Scotland - this time on Adult Abuse

At the same time as the Scottish Parliament was about to throw Margo MacDonald's euthanasia bill out into the cold, a disturbing report from Aberdeenshire Council suggests that there are up to 100 reports each month of vulnerable adults being abused. This abuse mostly affects those with a disability, mental or other illness.It is simply not true to assume that the disadvantaged and vulnerable have the same protection of the law and knowledge of and ability to claim their rights as others in the community.  Consequently, it can never be claimed that access to euthanasia and assisted suicide by the disabled is about a level playing field. Continue reading

Territory 'Rights' again - Marshall Perron enters the fray

  This flies in the face of claims that Bob Brown's bill in the Senate is solely about restoring the Territory's rights.  Clearly, should Brown's bill be successful, there will be an immediate push for a new euthanasia bill in the NT's single-cameral parliament.In an attempt to defray such criticisms, the  Continue reading

Scottish Parliament rejects latest death bill

  The bill, which bore some striking similarities to the South Australian model of MPs Parnell and Key, was the subject of an organised and intense lobbying campaign which included postcard drops to letter boxes across Scotland.MacDonald criticized the content of this literature claiming it 'caused alarm among frail, elderly and disabled people' and referring to it as a 'catalogue of linguistic contortions'.  If recent experiences in Australia are anything to go by, I'd be fairly confident that MacDonald's opponents might make the same observations. Continue reading

A little on the lighter side…

  Both the more serious smear attempt and this one prove to me the effectiveness of the HOPE network.My reply to the editor was not published. Shared here for your enjoyment: Continue reading

Parnell Bill Defeated

Last evening (24th November) the South Australian Parliament's upper house debated the latest euthanasia bill from Greens MLC, Mark Parnell. At the State Election in March of this year changes in personnel in the upper house appeared to have turned that chamber decidedly pro-euthanasia.  However, last night common sense prevailed yet again as the bill was defeated at the second reading 'on the voices'.Mr. Parnell did not call for a recording of the votes.  However, from the speeches given, it was clear that the chamber was split 12 to 9 against the bill or possibly 13 to 8 at best. Continue reading