Doctors' Words Influence End-of-Life Decisions Made By Patients' families

This is an important article from  . It highlights how critical the doctor is in shaping and influencing a family's decision in regards to treatment at the end-of-life for a loved one.TIME's  Continue reading

Vermont (USA) legalises assisted suicide

  The Vermont legislature passed their assisted suicide bill today in what is a first for the USA. In Washington State and in Oregon, assisted suicide became possible via citizen initiated referenda of the type that was defeated in Massachusetts last November.  Continue reading

Is public policy on euthanasia & assisted suicide based on religion?

  When giving interviews for all sorts of media about euthanasia & assisted suicide, I'm often asked if HOPE is a religious organisation.Certainly Dr Nitschke seems to think so as he has often claimed that HOPE is a 'Christian fundamentalist' organisation. Continue reading

De Duve's death is no advertisement for euthanasia

  The euthanasia death of Belgian Nobel Prize winner raises the spectre of the subtlety of coercion, abuse and the absence of real caring writes : Continue reading

Falconer assisted suicide bill to be tabled in UK next week

  identifies problems with Falconer's 'modest' proposal:Peter Saunders Continue reading

Suicide rate in Oregon continues to increase faster than the national average.

  The bill before the NSW parliament is primarily about assisted suicide - euthanasia becomes a possibility if the patient is incapable of taking the potion themselves.  Continue reading

Assisted Suicide Advocacy Raising Suicide Rates Nationwide

  Comments from Wesley Smith on the new US suicide data:  Continue reading

Irish Assisted Suicide Legal case - Fleming intends to act contrary to her own legal argument

  The court case of Irish MS sufferer, Marie Fleming is heart wrenching. She has a degenerative condition that progressively reduces her mobility.  Continue reading

AMA WA vindicates HOPE's position on Nitschke Death aparatus

  The head of the Western Australian division of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Richard Choong was reported on ABC News Continue reading