Tasmanian Parliament voting to remove ‘choice’ for elderly

The Tasmanian House of Assembly last week voted to pass the Gaffney Bill at the second reading stage, with a majority of 17 votes to seven. The Bill will now be referred to a review by a panel from the University of Tasmania. The amendment process will follow and a final vote is expected in March 2021. Continue reading

Euthanasia activists at it again

Euthanasia activists in the ACT are at it again. Continue reading

Copying a flawed system is a dangerous move

The euthanasia and assisted suicide bill sponsored by South Australian Shadow Attorney- General, Kyam Maher MLC, is now available. Continue reading

Stinging rebuke of pro-euthanasia arguments

Two oncologists have issued a stinging rebuttal of the key claims made by euthanasia advocates in support of their pro-death agenda, just as debate resumes in the Tasmanian Lower House over Mike Gaffney’s extreme euthanasia and assisted suicide bill. Continue reading

Families kept in the dark over euthanasia investigations

Families kept in the dark over euthanasia investigations Continue reading

Is euthanasia especially dangerous for women?

Are public policies that allow for euthanasia and assisted suicide detrimental to women? Academic and commentator Rachael Wong examined the research and concluded that, because women are conditioned to be agreeable and self-sacrificial, they are likely to be disproportionately disadvantaged by public policy that allows for euthanasia. Continue reading

Australian push to follow Netherlands’ killing

Remember the story of the 74-year old Dutch woman who had written an advanced directive, saying that she wanted to “undergo euthanasia whenever [she thought] the time is right”? Continue reading

Deadly discrimination for Canadians living with disability

The Canadian government’s intention to expand its euthanasia and assisted suicide laws (known as “MAiD”) has alarmed disability groups who have spoken up about the grave risk this proposed expansion will have on people living with disability in Canada. They have also expressed concern about the way the government seems to be fast tracking the laws, including reducing the number of parliamentary committee hearings on the matter. Continue reading

Almost 50% of euthanasia deaths going unreported

A new analysis of the most recent Belgian euthanasia statistics from the European Institute of Bioethics has revealed some disturbing facts about this unsafe practice. Continue reading

Victorian elder abuse on the rise

New statistics from Victoria reveal that elder abuse is continuing to rise in the state. The heavy toll that the Coronavirus lockdowns in the state have had on elderly people has also been uncovered. In the months that Victoria was in lockdown, according to data on family violence, “more people aged 55 and older accessed support services or sought a family violence protection order.”  Continue reading