Euthanasia: slippery slope or a push off a cliff?

The dangers of legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide were articulated by experts at the recent HOPE Ireland conference, entitled End of Life Matters.  The conference heard the brutal and inescapable truth that legalising euthanasia inevitably leads to wrongful deaths and a multitude of problems for the vulnerable in our families and communities. Continue reading

Patients being pushed to euthanasia despite prohibitions

One of the supposed ‘patient safeguards’ that is placed into euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation is that doctors and other health professionals are prohibited from raising the topic with their patients.  This prohibition recognises the significant power differential that exists between doctors and patients and how susceptible patients – already vulnerable due to the nature of their illness – might be to the suggestion of euthanasia if it comes from their doctor. Continue reading

Euthanasia and assisted suicide deaths not necessarily pain-free

At the recent parliamentary hearings on Bill C-7 in Canada, a Canadian physician and anaesthesiologist working in the United States, Dr Joel Zivot, raised some very important questions about the way that euthanasia and assisted suicide recipients are dying and questioned, based on his own research, whether it can be said categorically that such deaths are in fact, peaceful or pain-free. Continue reading

No decrease in Victorian suicides following legalised euthanasia

One of the more emotive arguments used by activists during the euthanasia debates in Victoria was that such laws would prevent the suicides of many Victorians who were currently “taking their own lives in painful, lonely and unacceptable ways.” The argument was that “one terminally ill Victorian was taking their life each week.” The exact same arguments were used in Western Australia when they were debating their legislation. Continue reading

“Their lives are valuable” – dementia ward doctor

“Our belief in the intrinsic value of lives is what protects the lives of all Australians.” – Dr Matthew Lennon Continue reading

Tasmanian politicians have opened up a Pandora’s Box

    The Tasmanian Lower House has voted in favour of the Gaffney euthanasia and assisted suicide bill, with members of the Lower House voting 16 in favour and 6 opposed. Continue reading

Death toll growing in Victoria

The fourth report of Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board has been released, and it includes the third round of statistics for Victoria’s euthanasia and assisted suicide regime. Continue reading

Aged Care Royal Commission report: key take outs

The Aged Care Royal Commission has released its final report after a two-year inquiry. Continue reading

Euthanasia support drops when it becomes personal

We hear time and time again that an “overwhelming majority” of Australians are in favour of euthanasia.  Continue reading

Tasmanian euthanasia laws “dangerous” and “flawed”

Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein has announced that debate about Mike Gaffney’s euthanasia bill will resume as the first order of business when Parliament returns on 2 March this year. The University of Tasmania review into the legislation has been completed and provided to the government. Continue reading