Better off dead

Disability campaigners in the UK are fighting new attempts to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide in the country. A new bill introduced by Baroness Meacher received its first reading in the House of Lords on 26 May 2021 and is likely to be debated later this year. Continue reading

Drop-in-the-bucket for palliative care funding

Queensland is on the brink of legalising euthanasia, but it only has a third of the recommended number of palliative care beds and half the recommended number of doctors. Continue reading

Hospitals to be forced to provide euthanasia

The right of faith based hospitals and nursing homes to refuse to provide euthanasia and assisted suicide on their premises has been dealt a blow by the draft legislation introduced by the Queensland government. Whilst faith based entities had been led to believe that the draft legislation would protect them from having to allow euthanasia on their premises, the legislation introduced this week requires them to transfer a person who qualifies for euthanasia to somewhere else that allows it, or in other circumstances, allow the killing to take place on their premises. Continue reading

Australia’s slippery slope

The slow but steady expansion of euthanasia laws is already evident in Australia, according to a recent analysis published in The Australian. Continue reading

Queensland bill follows euthanasia playbook

The Queensland Law Reform Commission handed down its report into euthanasia and assisted suicide to the state government and has drafted a bill which will be introduced into the Queensland parliament next week. Continue reading

How is this good medical care?

“Rather than unmanageable pain, the impetus for those accessing the law – the vast majority late-stage cancer patients – is usually what doctors term “existential suffering”. As people lose function, independence and joy, they yearn, above all, to regain a sense of control.” Continue reading

SA Government gets A+ in cognitive dissonance

The South Australian Government, through its Office for Ageing Well, has launched a campaign to stop elder abuse in the community. Continue reading

Telehealth laws should not be repealed

There is a renewed push in Victoria to allow doctors to be able to use telehealth to assess and approve requests for euthanasia and assisted suicide. The private members’ bill has been introduced by the Justice Party. Continue reading

SA Parliament urged to consider ‘compassionate’ choices

The peak body for Catholic health and aged care providers has called on the South Australian Government to properly investigate the cost of a world-class palliative care system in the state before proceeding with pushing assisted suicide and euthanasia laws through that state. Continue reading

Voice of First Nations Peoples Against Euthanasia

  HOPE is proud to partner with Munganbana Norman Miller, Convenor, Voice of First Nations Peoples Against Euthanasia. It is no longer acceptable for state governments to ignore the voices of Indigenous Australians when it comes to euthanasia and assisted suicide legislation. Read the statement below: Continue reading