WA doctors don’t want to kill their patients

Western Australia’s deadly euthanasia and assisted suicide laws come into effect today, but suicide advocates are worried because there aren’t that many doctors and nurses want to be a part of it. Continue reading

Yesterday’s ‘safeguards’ are today’s ‘barriers to access’

Euthanasia activists are pushing to remove safeguards included in Victoria’s euthanasia laws, claiming that doctors are being put off getting involved in the process because of the legalistic and bureaucratic processes imposed by the legislation. Continue reading

MP backflip too little, too late

Western Australia’s deadly euthanasia regime is set to commence next week. Continue reading

NSW resident murders partner, alleges suicide

Northern NSW resident Natasha Beth Darcy has been found guilty of murdering her partner Mathew Dunbar after a jury of 11 declared her guilty on Tuesday. Continue reading

Staff pressured to move palliative patients on

Dr Phillip Lee, the former director of supportive and palliative medicine for the Western Sydney Local Health District has sounded the alarm about the lack of palliative care at Westmead Hospital. Continue reading

Psychiatrists to assist rather than prevent suicides?

Margaret Somerville, internationally known bioethicist and Professor of Bioethics at the University of Notre Dame Australia’s school of medicine, has spent over four decades researching and writing on the issue of euthanasia. Professor Somerville latest essay outlines the well traversed playbook of euthanasia activists around the world in this time. It always begins with claims that if legalised, euthanasia will only be rarely used and only as a last resort. Secondly they claim that it will not open up slippery slopes. Continue reading

“People should be thanking us”

In a telling interview, a representative for Exit International – a controversial group that promotes euthanasia and assisted suicide as a fundamental human right for anyone over the age of 50 – has stated that their group are owed gratitude for their efforts to push wide-ranging euthanasia laws. Continue reading

Appeal to South Australian MPs to vote no

Dear Members of the South Australian House of Assembly, Continue reading

Better off dead

Disability campaigners in the UK are fighting new attempts to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide in the country. A new bill introduced by Baroness Meacher received its first reading in the House of Lords on 26 May 2021 and is likely to be debated later this year. Continue reading

Drop-in-the-bucket for palliative care funding

Queensland is on the brink of legalising euthanasia, but it only has a third of the recommended number of palliative care beds and half the recommended number of doctors. Continue reading