Chronic fatigue sufferers eligible for euthanasia in Canada

Madeline is a trained actor and playwright, living in British Columbia, Canada. Continue reading

Families left pleading for a palliative care unit

In a state where politicians are proposing assisted suicide legislation, you would think that we wouldn’t be simultaneously reading stories saying that “families are pleading for a palliative care unit” at hospitals in our biggest city. Continue reading

Alex Greenwich thinks these protections are unnecessary

Just four years ago, the New South Wales Legislative Council rejected an attempt by Nationals MLC Trevor Khan to introduce euthanasia and assisted suicide laws into NSW. The bill didn’t make it to the Lower House. Continue reading

The truth behind the ‘territory rights’ campaign

Constitutional lawyer and academic Professor Greg Craven has exposed the flaws in the current ‘territory rights’ campaign being run by pro-euthanasia MPs and championed by the Canberra Times. Continue reading

Terminally ill Queenslanders dying alone

Following revelations last week from the Queensland Premier that “palliative care is just not possible” for every Queensland resident, the extent to which the government has abdicated its duty to provide healthcare from the cradle to the grave was further exposed this week. Continue reading

Bipartisan rejection of Greenwich stunt

NSW MPs from both parties have sounded off about the pretence of safeguards in Alex Greenwich’s euthanasia and assisted suicide bill. Continue reading

Give them an inch, and they’ll take grandma

If there’s one person who shouldn’t be leading the charge for the federal parliament to pave the way for ACT to implement euthanasia laws, it’s Tara Cheyne, the ACT’s Minister for Human Rights. Continue reading