Doctor support for assisted suicide drops radically after legalisation

A survey of Canadian doctors reveals that the support of medical professionals for assisted suicide drops significantly once the process becomes legal, with most physicians now refusing to participate in the administration of lethal drugs to their patients. Continue reading

Euthanasia and elder abuse

One of the greatest dangers that we face as Australians, now that euthanasia is legalised in Victoria, is making the elderly feel as if they are a burden on society. There is an obsession in our culture with being young, and the older generations can tend to be neglected. The propagation of euthanasia further demeans the value of the lives of elderly Australians. As senator for Tasmania, Helen Polley stated: Continue reading

The consequences of two years of euthanasia in Quebec

Quebec legalised euthanasia two years ago. When trying to sell the idea of euthanasia to the public, it was promised that access would be limited, and that the primary aim of the legislation was to ensure equal access to palliative care. However, statistics collected from its first two years indicate differently. Continue reading

Assisted suicide or compulsory death?

In the United States the assisted suicide debate is gaining momentum. As of this year, over twenty states introduced bills to legalise the practice, and despite each bill having been struck down, it appears that the deliberation is far from over. The Hill reports: Continue reading

‘Six months to live’ policy is ineffectual

Assisted suicide laws in the United States legislate that anyone who has been given a prognosis of having under six months to live is allowed access to lethal drugs. The various states that passed the law fashioned the rule to act as a ‘safeguard’ against the unnecessary termination of life. Continue reading

Could confusion about “assisted dying” be behind high public support?

As New Zealand moves to vote on whether they should legalise assisted dying, a poll has revealed that most do not even understand what is meant by the term. The Curia research poll surveyed people about their views on “assisted dying,” and found that the more strongly that individuals supported it, the more likely they are to be confused about what it actually means. Continue reading

What went wrong: Errors in Victoria’s euthanasia law process

Assisted suicide was legalised in Victoria last month, making it the only jurisdiction in the world to do so in 2017. Not only was the legislation disappointing, but there were also many parts of the process that were expedited and conducted in manner that was not at all appropriate for an issue of life and death. Continue reading

Canada ignores grave warnings against euthanasia

In Canada, Quebec’s Parti Québécois government is making the hard push to legalise what will likely be the most liberal assisted dying bill in North America. Not only will it encompass the already-existent physician-assisted suicide legislation, but it will add voluntary euthanasia to the list. Continue reading

Tim Hammond on assisted suicide: “Once we start up this ride, we won’t be able to get off”

Federal Member for Perth Tim Hammond spoke out against assisted suicide, pointing to the dangers it could lead to and the need for more comprehensive palliative care. Continue reading

AMA President Dr Michael Gannon warns WA not to follow VIC’s lead

In the face of Western Australia’s investigation into end of life choices last week, Australian Medical Association federal president Dr Michal Gannon addressed the state on the topic. Continue reading